You're all out of the medication you need.

Better do something about that.


This game was made during the One Day Jam and will be sold in a really cool bundle to raise money for the Action for Trans Health solidarity fund!


Notes on content:

(Slight spoilers)

  • Swearing, including 'rainy as fuck' and similar variations. Nothing stronger than 'fuck' though.
  • Main character has pretty low self-esteem.
  • if this was a film, 'Mild peril' would probably be listed on the certificate.
  • 'They' is the only pronoun in this game, in singular and plural forms.
  • I hope I got all the typos, but please inform me of any spelling or grammatical errors. Undoubtedly this first release will have some missing speech marks.



If there's no way forwards, try waiting.

It'll probably feel longer than it actually is.


Thank you for playing.

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